Writing our thoughts

I have an idea!

Oh, hi!

I have an idea.

You can write here again?

You should ask “what kind of idea?”

I thought you had lost the password for this blog and for your cutepuppybrunogmail account, how come you can write again?

same as before I can’t access it or read what I wrote, can only email it from my Chinese email for it to be auto-posted.

Oh yeah, I remember, well, how have you been?

I have an idea.

Ok ok, what kind of idea?

What if I were to write down every single thought I have, for one week and just leave it here for posterity.

Every single one? you don’t have like… a job, or something?

I have 10 days off for Chinese new year.

What? You are still in China? Why?

Because that’s just how it is, so how about my idea?

And you want to spend your only holidays writing silly things that no one will read?

Yes, what do you think about it?

I’m both thrilled and terrified by the prospects of reading every one of your raw ideas.

Should I go for it?

Absolutely not, look, I know you’ve got plenty of good ideas, but the world is just not ready for them yet, to put it mildly.

Good ideas? No no, it’s not about good or bad, it would be more like some sort of an experiment.

Like pressing random buttons just to see what happens?


I say don’t do it, remember a few years ago you wrote something and some people took it literally and wrote a long response explaining many things.


What I mean by ‘the world is not ready for it’ is that your lack of tact and sensitivity gets many people offended. I’ve known you for a very long time. I know you hate all the smokers because your mother has wronged you. I know you hate the governments and I understand why. I know you have many crude dark thoughts, and I know other people don’t understand you the way I do, so when they read something negative about something they like, they will take it as a personal attack on them. I know you don’t mean it that way, but people will hate you still. I know deep inside, you want to kill all the smokers, you want to go to the zoo and release all the animals, you want to tell people they are wrong and you want to tell them why, and you want them to know you are smarter than them. I know you don’t understand that each one of them lives in their own world with their own views and opinions, or lack of them, and in their worlds, they also think they are smarter than you, but they are polite enough not to let you know because they know you may feel bad. If you write every obscure thought you have without thinking twice or editing you’re going to make many people feel bad.

What if I were to write happy thoughts only?

How would you pull that off, you find the glitch in everything and you try to fix everything and everyone.

I’ll think only happy thoughts then.

You can’t control that, seeing the flaws in you it’s both your blessing and your curse.

Well, I guess it wasn’t such a good idea after all.

Try to write about life in China. Most people don’t know what that’s like, or about some other place you’ve been to. You’ve been to many places and did some amazing things, you had many jobs, it could be interesting reading about, or about the girlfriends you had.

I wrote about all those things already.

But not in great fantastic detail.

The other day I taught the word fantastic in my class and one student said ‘fantastic baby’.


That’s it, I thought it was funny.

How is that funny?

Because of the song.

Which song?

‘Fantastic baby’, big bang, it’s a silly song, very famous some years ago and she remembered the word from that song.

If you were to write down every thought it would be very hard to read.

Or… it could be a literary masterpiece.

Probably not, you would just get people be very very confused.

Yeah, I guess you’re right. I’ll have to come up with something better than that.

I know you can do it.


Don’t say that.



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