About the dalai lama

Friend: What do you think about the dalai lama?

Bruno: Very compassionate person, we should all learn from him.

Friend: And what do you think about the fact that he’s the spiritual leader of the buddhist religion.

Bruno: Well, Buddhism is supposed to be the more peaceful religion, so I guess it’s a great thing he’s the leader.

Friend: Actually the reason why it’s said that Buddhism is a peaceful religion is that they compare it with the other mainstream religions. 

Bruno: So by more peaceful they mean less violent?

Friend: Yes, buddhist dead toll comes at around 40.000, mostly thanks to Burma, while other religions “casualties” can be estimated somewhere along  the 800.000.000

Bruno: What’s the point?

Friend: That you are saying he’s a compassionate person, while he actually supports religions. 

Bruno: He wouldn’t hurt a fly, just gives good advice to people, tells them to be kind to each other, and try to understand each other.

Friend: He uses Buddhism to justify poor people’s suffering, saying it’s because of their “karma”, because of their past lives, and tells them their future lives may be different. How can you even consider supporting someone who talks about reincarnation and future lives? That’s like supporting a scammer who feeds on people’s hopes and fears, who misleads them to believe in the supernatural in order to gain control over them and keeping them from revolting against their oppressors, that’s almost as bad as his child rapists friends from the Vatican. He shakes hands with the pope while being aware of his crimes against humanity, he shakes hands with Obama and other politicians that cause wars and kill millions of people, he meets up with the Chinese government despite all they did to his people in Tibet.

Bruno: It’s because he knows! He knows that love and forgiveness are the only way, he forgives and understands the Chinese, the pope, and all the fascist governments and politicians. It’s not nearly as bad the Vatican, he just wants the best for everyone, he meets with politicians and world leaders and tries to talk them into stopping the wars, he talks about world peace, disarmament of governments and embracing the human race as a whole. I concede, he makes some supernatural claims every once in a while, but that’s just because of his upbringing, because he was born in Tibet in the 1930’s, if he had been born in Europe he would be Christian instead, if he had been born in Iran he would be Muslim, it’s just geography, and it’s not like he had any other options like we have now. Of course he believes silly things, he’s just human, like the rest of us, he’s not perfect and doesn’t have all the answer, and he makes mistakes and assumes things that are not true, but his overall mission is the one that counts, he wants to unify the human race as a whole and make this world a better and more peaceful place for everyone.

Friend: So you are saying the end justifies the means.

Bruno: I’m just saying he does the right thing for the wrong reasons.

Friend: Like mother Teresa?

Bruno: Exactly, she believed a bunch of nonsense, but at the end of the day she was doing the right thing, and that’s what counts.

Friend: But you know she only helped all those poor people so they would convert to her faith.

Bruno: Who cares? As long as she helps them.

Friend: As long as she’s doing the right thing, it doesn’t really matter why is she doing it?

Bruno: Exactly, the opposite happens with lets say Mandela or Che Guevara, instead of doing the right thing for the wrong reason, they were doing the wrong things for the right reason.

Friend: Yeah I’ve heard Che Guevara was a racist homophobe, but what’s the wrong thing he did?

Bruno: Well his main objective was good, but in the process, he caused like so much bloodshed.

Friend: And you don’t justify killing for a cause?

Bruno: Of course not, there’s no valid excuse for violence, for hurting someone or taking someone’s life. And “killing for a cause” is still killing, the cause is just an excuse. 

Friend: No eye for an eye?

Bruno: Not in my world.

Friend: But it’s not just your world, we share it and some people still want to kill and punish each other.

Bruno: I know, but they should stop, the idea of punishment is just retarded and only causes more violence.

Friend: So you say, are things really that black and white though?

Bruno: Yes, they are.

Friend: And, are you always right about everything?

Bruno: Of course, if I were wrong I would know it.

Friend: Like Sheldon, haha.

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