start a revolution

Bruno: What do you mean, you feel lonely? You’re like the strongest and most independent person I know.

Friend: Everyone feels lonely sometimes.

Bruno: But you have many people who care about you.

Friend: Do I?

Bruno: Well… No, not really, but people know you, they know who you are.

Friend: You care, right?

Bruno: Yes, I do but at least you’re still free.

Friend: Yes, I’m free in the sense that I can only afford things that are free.

Bruno: Best things in life are for free.

Friend: That’s what poor people say.

Bruno: Alright, I know what will make you feel better.

Friend: What?


Friend: potato?

Bruno: Yes, potato.

Friend: How.. How’s that’ suppose to make me feel better?

Bruno: I just thought..

Friend: A potato..

Bruno: It’s the thought that count.

Friend: well, thanks, I guess..

Bruno: I don’t know what else to do.

Friend: How about making me a sandwich?

Bruno: Alright, what do you want on it?

Friend: How about some tomato and lettuce, some pickles and a bit of hummus. And maybe some carrot juice to drink, no make it kiwi juice, ok carrot, carrot and kiwi juice, could you do that for me?

Bruno: I’ll do my best, but you know we don’t have any of those things, right? How about some instant noodles with some bread from last week and some tap water to drink?

Friend: Damn! Are we still poor?

Bruno: Last time I checked.

Friend: Ok, where’s that potato?

Bruno: Yeah.. actually it wasn’t yours, I took it from your flatmate’s shelf.

Friend: Damn! Damn you Korean government, Y U NO PROVIDE FREE FOOD, HEALTH AND EDUCATION?

Korean government: Because fuck you, that’s why.

Friend: Damn you!

Bruno: Sorry bro, you’re on you’re own.

Friend: I guess I am on my own.

Bruno: And getting angry won’t make it go away.

Friend: I know, but what else can I do?

Bruno: Start a revolution, take back the power, take over the government, give power to the people and provide free home, food, health and education for everyone, that’s always been your dream, right?

Friend: But everyone around me seems oblivious to everything around them and oblivious that I’m aware they are oblivious to everything around them.

Bruno: They are just too busy trying to keep themselves busy by trying to look busy so you don’t notice how busy they are, trying to look busy.

Friend: Wait, I’m confused.

Bruno: Yeah, I don’t know what I just said.

Friend: Do you think there are others like us out there?

Bruno: No.

Friend: Only on the internet?

Bruno: Yes, that’s a start, right?

Friend: Right?

Bruno: Right?

Friend: Right.

Bruno: Right.

Friend: Left.

Bruno: Left?

Friend: Left?

Bruno: Right.

Friend: Left.

Bruno: Left.

Friend: Right.

Bruno: Left.

Friend: Right.

Bruno: Left.

Friend: Left.

Bruno: Left.

Friend: Right.

Bruno: Left.

Friend: Right.

Bruno: Left.

Friend: Wtf dude it’s 3 am, go to sleep.

Bruno: Right.

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