Ideas 3: Energy

Free, clean, renewable, unlimited energy should our main objective right now, not just for the environment, for our health and for the economy, but for our inner peace and relaxation also.

Imagine how silent our cities will be, with all the cars hovering smoothly.

Imagine all the sounds we are missing, from the birds and animals we haven’t exterminated yet. From the wind and trees, the rain and the rivers.

Imagine silence.

Last time I had total peace and silence it was more than 15 months ago. How is that possible?

How can we focus and relax with all that noise drilling around all day and night?

We can’t, that’s the idea. It’s in the best interest of the people who make money from the fossil fuel industry to keep us from thinking for ourselves so we don’t question the reasons why we are still using such a noisy way of energy.

Or maybe is not, maybe it’s just a coincidence that fossil fuel makes transport and production processes very loud and annoying.

Either way, in most cities you can see 60 cars transporting one person each, instead of one big car transporting 60 people. Why is that? Why do we do that? Are we just plain selfish and we don’t care about anything else that our own short-term comfort? Or we are victims of a system that led us to believe that’s the right thing to do and everyone else does it, so it’s ok.


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