Love is all there is

The last post was over 2 years ago, so it’s about time I update this website. (1 post every 2 years seems like a realistic goal to achieve).
As many of you know, while living in Ecuador I had a life changing Ayahuasca experience during which I had a spontaneous out of body experience. And that’s when I posted last. The experience led me to quitting my job in digital marketing, to dedicate my life to learn how to trigger the out of body experience using different methods and learning how to navigate the astral plane.
What happened since the last post? Many things. First I fell in love with psychedelics, used them to do the astral projections, a few other paranormal things and eventually realized they were doing me more harm than good. Then I quit all drugs (even coffee, alcohol) and fell in love with binaural beats, I used them to do the astral projections and a few other paranormal things until I realized they were just a tool and I didn’t need them anymore.
Then I started using transcendental meditation, auto-hypnosis, holotropic breathwork, kundalini yoga and lucid dreaming to go to the astral plane until I realized I didn’t need any of those tools either and I could enter that theta state naturally without any tools.
I then started studing the RA material and the law of one and realized I didn’t even need to do the astral projections anymore and I could learn the same lessons in the physical matter reality. I started seeing everything as a catalyst for growth and entered the path of service to others, the path to become pure unconditional love. I realized and understood that love is all there is.
I will probably not be posting here for a while because I see no point in doing so, the only social media I’m somehow active on is Youtube. You can still follow our adventures there:
If you are interested in exploring non-physical matter realities or interested in supporting my journey as an astral projection instructor, I have put together this course in which you can learn to astral project in 7 days: and a personalized training program which you can find here:
Full disclosure: I actually lost all interest in money-making during the ayahuasca experience. I learned we are all one and love is all there is. My ultimate goal is to become pure unconditional love, but in the meantime I still need to do these kind of things to pay for food, rent, Bongu’s meds, vet expenses, etc.