But why?

The last post was six months ago, what happened since?


I left China and came to South America.


But why?


That’s what everyone ask me always and in the same way that the Japanese say we have 3 faces, one we show to acquaintances, another one for friends and family and the real one that we never show to anyone, the answer to this that I give to people who are not so close to ┬áme is that I wanted to see my family because I hadn’t seen them for a long time. Even though there is some truth to it, its meant to be an answer that’s easy to digest, understand and relate to by anyone. So, that became the template to the one we can add some details according to what we feel our listener needs to hear at that given moment.
The second answer, for people who are a bit closer to me is that I was looking for something different than what I had had for a long time, for new experiences. That’s why I needed to start a walking trip, because it’s something I had never done before. Some kind of a challenge, and also because I was too comfortable in Asia so needed to get out of my comfort zone, and while a little bit harder to swallow, it’s still easily understood by most people who somehow knew me already.
And the third answer that no one knows but me (and now you, whoever you are) is more complicated to understand and to explain, we can say that it definitely didn’t have much to do with family or adventures, work or opportunities nor any kind of superficial experiences or reasons, the true answer lies in the field of existentialism. And it’s hard to reply honestly to the question of why we moved to another continent without going into the subject of free will first and why we do anything at all in this life.

There are a million different variables affecting each decision we take, and we could probably fill up a few volumes of an encyclopedia explaining just a handful of those variables, but there’s no way people who ask you such a simple question like why did you come here could be able to grasp the whole reality behind the reason why we do things. So we use some super simple way so they can understand, and simplify matters so that we can fulfill our secret desire to be understood and accepted by others. Because we are afraid of being rejected if we tell them that there are millions of factors into play that affect our decisions.


So that is your exhaustive answer, it can never be simple with you, there always has to be something more, a way to make things more difficult than they already are, and to prove how intellectually superior you feel to those who chose to live their lives more simply without getting crushed every day by the existential weight of being alive and having to deal with this so-called consciousness thing or questioning life.

Now I feel like you are projecting and that’s how you see yourself so you put it on me, so as to explain how you feel.

But why would I do that?

As some sort of therapy , or exercise, or as a way to try to escape the fact that you are aware that this life and this universe as we know it is either a computer simulation, some kind of illusion or that everything is real, which means existence is meaningless, you are just an accident, you will die and cease to exist. And good luck going to sleep tonight.

I wasn’t planning to sleep anyway, and I know about all that already and have made peace with the fact that either everything’s an illusion or everything’s is real and meaningless. Either way, there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it, so why worrying?

It’s not worrying it’s… Well, how to explain it? Here are some photos of us coming on the plane from China to Argentina.



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