People from couchsurfing 3

Part 3:

1 – Rough travelers            2 -Backpackers           3 -Tourists             4 -Random             5-Guilty ones             6 -Confused ones

18_ Luggage.
1_ either small luggage, because it’s troublesome to carry many things over long distances, or very big one because they carry a tent, sleeping bag, mat, food, water, broccoli.
2_ massive
3_ more than they need
4_ a bag of potatoes
5_ slightly less than groups 2 or 3
6_ same as group 2

19_ Social behavior
1_ loners
2_ social butterflies
3_ outgoing, socially competent, but sometimes they find it hard to trust strangers
4_  imagine Waldo, (where’s waldo) with Kramer (Seinfeld) personality
5_ same as 3
6_ same as 2

20_ Preferred Activities
1_ surviving, parks, free stuff
2_ beer, taking pictures, sightseeing, facebook, second-hand markets, beach, bars
3_ pictures, sightseeing, restaurants, museums
4_ dancing Macarena
5_ worrying
6_ same as 2

20_ notes on specific nationalities

21_ Other notes
they all live in their own world within their own borders, we all do, and well, there was supposed to be more to it but I got tired of writing so much so this will have to do it.

oh, and all the groups come together in Thailand, for some reason.



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