Forgot some stuff


What did you do today?
Just watched some movies
Movies? Really?
Yes, 2 movies.
Was that it?
Yes, why?
Well, that means you forgot the cardio, forgot to build strength, forgot the meditation, forgot to train your brain with some equations, forgot to improve your creativity, to eat some fruits, forgot to tell your friends you love them, forgot to go for a walk to clear your thoughts, forgot to write on your diary, forgot to visit a new place, forgot to learn a new language, Bruno forgot so many things!
Yeah, I was planning to do those after the movie.
I don’t believe you.
It’s true! look, I even wrote it on my calendar:
8 am: watch the new rurouni kenshin movie
10 am:  watch monoke hime (again)
1 pm: going for a run
2 pm: doing 50 pull-ups (or more)
3 pm: vipassana meditation
4 pm: solve for x
5 pm: paint a free representation of a yet undiscovered world resting inside the mountain (and his inhabitants)
6 pm: tell Taiwanese people you love them
7 pm: eat 10 fruits
8 pm: go for a walk around Lake Matheson or lake mapourika (you get to choose)
10 pm: write the story of a stray puppy in your diary
11 pm: hitching a ride across a transatlantic heading towards eastern island (?)
Sometime after that: learn the islander’s language, maybe.

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