Living in Argentina as a vegetarian

I frequently tell people I grew up in Argentina, and one of the most frequent questions I’m asked is: “was it tough being a vegetarian there?”

Answer is always no.

Of course, we find there’s a big meat eating culture there, but there are also many sub-cultures who chose to oppose it for some reason, so you’ve got the hippies, the SxE, the are krishna, the budhists, the hindus, the animals rights defenders, the environmentalists who do it for the planet, the gays and many other groups who have chosen not to eat meat.

That plus to the fact the food the Italians that many Italians have migrated there during the last centuries brought along like pasta, pizza, ice cream, bread, everywhere, plenty of vegetarian buffets, choices are plentiful.

To conclude, we can observe that during the last 20 years Argentina has seen, same as most developed countries, an increase in awareness regarding social, ethical and environmental issues, and finds itself slowly evolving towards a more humane, more compassionate society day by day.

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