Playing games

Today I was just here at home surfing the web, when suddenly…


that’s right nothing happened, nothing at all, because I live a sad and boring life, and while my friends are all out at some party, I just stay at home playing some old video games.

Complaining about the government, feeling sorry for myself, thinking about what else to do in order to survive, what else can I do so I don’t cease to exist, trying to please other people, trying to live with myself, trying not to think too much.

What to do today. Probably just play some game. But that’s not very productive. And probably you will feel guilty for wasting your day. Unless it’s raining of course. Unless you over think it.

Because if you start thinking about how you are just one insignificant person among billions on this planet, and your planet is just a fraction of the size of your sun,¬†your sun is just one among trillions of stars and your solar system is nor more than a pixel¬†among countless other galaxies in the universe, when you start thinking that, it’s actually quite easy to rationalize staying at home playing video games the whole day.

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