From Bong Gu

There are so many things I need to tell you.

But even though I can’t speak your language, I still try to tell you in my own way.

I know you don’t eat meat, and you don’t like white rice much but you still buy the meat and the rice for me because you know I need it, and I know when we go to a restaurant you ask them to cook something special for me, and you have to explain to them how to cook it, and explain I can’t eat chili, and you always take a plastic bag to give them so they can put my food into and they won’t need to use their own bowls. Thank you for that…

I know you are tired sometimes, but you still go out because you know I  need to run and use the toilet, thank you for that also…

You know I don’t like staying home alone, so you always take me to your office, to meet people, to eat, for shopping, for exercise, trips out of town, and I really like that…

You put my bed next to your yours because you know I like sleeping next to you, if we sleep in a hotel you put a towel next to your bed, if it’s not your house you ask someone to put something soft for me to sleep on, if we have to sleep in the forest you soften the soil and find some leaves for me, if we sleep in the tent we can share the sleeping bag, if we ride the bike you put a cushion for me to sit on, that is very sweet of you…

If we go on long trips, you take extra water and some food you know I like to eat, thank you…

You know I get frightened easily, but instead of shouting or getting angry, you sit on the floor next to me and comfort me and tell me it’s ok, you are there for me when I need you the most, and that is important for me.

When I am very happy or excited I can get dirty and sometimes I jump in the pond or the mud just for fun, you understand me and give me a shower when we get home, I love you for that.

You don’t use a leash because you know it makes me feel uncomfortable and you trust that I won’t stray or get into trouble and I will walk by your side, thank you.

And I really appreciate that you adopted me when I was a puppy and for that, I will stay with you forever.

Thank you.


Categories: Dog, letters

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