WHile hitchhiking in NZ

While hitchhiking, I got picked up by this guy, he was 82 and told me the story of his life. He had been working as a sailor and got to go to many countries in Asia and South America. He was thrilled to meet people from distant lands. Lived by himself in a very remote area of New Zealand. Only 20 people lived in his town, so he was feeling a bit lonely. He invited…

"WHile hitchhiking in NZ"

The now cup

The now cup is a coffee cup, a mug that has the word “now” written on it, we use it to remind us to live in the present. Every time someone forgets what’s important and start worrying about silly things, I would make a cup of coffee or tea and the cup would remind them it’s now, not yesterday, not tomorrow. There’s just this, and this is what matters.  

"The now cup"

The one hour training program

The one-hour maintenance program consists of 4 parts of 15 minutes each. 15 minutes cardio, run or whatever to warm up and keep your heart healthy. 15 min strength work, pull ups, push ups, squats, etc. 15 min stretching, holding every stretch for at least 20 seconds. And finally, 15 minutes meditation to calm down. Why not try it for a few days and see how it works for you?    

"The one hour training program"

About kachu tenshin amaguriken

火中天津甘栗拳 was a technique in Ranma 1/2 that Ranma used to pick up some hot chestnuts out of a very hot place, he had to do it very fast otherwise he would burn his/her hands. I learned that special move as a teenager after watching Ranma doing it and practicing it a bit, never really thought it would come in handy though. Until this year in New Zealand, I had 2 jobs where I actually had…

"About kachu tenshin amaguriken"

Sitting is death

All recent scientific research shows that sitting in a chair daily for long periods of time is the single worse thing you could do to yourself. Maybe even worse than smoking. That’s why during the last 2 years I decided to spend as little time sitting as possible. My only excuse for sitting is recovery time, when too tired after strenuous exercise. First problem I faced was the internet, as most of you I spend…

"Sitting is death"

About K-pop

Why do you do the things you do? Like what? Like everything, most things you do, they are things most people wouldn’t even dream them possible. I’m not most people. I know but there has to be more to it. Alright, it took me a while to figure it out but I think it’s because I’m constantly high. High on what? On k-pop of course. How’s that even possible? You can get high on anything,…

"About K-pop"

About veterans

???????: That’s pretty rude, my father was a veteran you know. Bruno: Yeah soldiers are the worst shit. Veteran’s son: They sacrifice their lives for you, for your freedom and you say they are shit? Bruno: Worse shit ever, they don’t sacrifice anything for anyone, they go to wars and kill people. They think they are the good guys, but guess what, so do their so-called “enemies”. Your father was a piece of shit and so are you…

"About veterans"

About putting yourself out there

Why don’t you like Japan anymore? Because people I’ve met there have no empathy and are oblivious to everything around them, makes me think it’s exactly the opposite I’m looking for. Is that the reason you don’t watch anime anymore? Oh, about that, I also don’t watch movies or anything else anymore either. Don’t feel the need to be entertained anymore and value my real life too much to waste it sitting in front a computer…

"About putting yourself out there"

About a warrior

Driver: Where ya heading mate? Me: Heading far towards the horizon, where the forest meets the sea, where the light fades away and only shadows shape the landscape. Driver: Whatever, jump in. Me: You have my gratitude and therefore shall be rewarded for your troubles. Driver: Where are you from? Me: From the forgotten territories. Driver: Where’s that? Me: It’s a different world, full of thieves, dwarfs, magicians, and assassins Driver: And what brings you…

"About a warrior"